Blits Vented Bonnet

About a month ago, I decided I'd like to experiment with the effects of a vented bonnet. After many hours of researching I decided to go with a Blits vented bonnet. I wanted something strong and street legal, this meant it had to be fibre glass instead of carbon fibre, rigidity was important so that bonnet pins weren't required.

Some theory of vented bonnets here:

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Blits is a small company based in the Gold Coast, they specialise in hand produced bonnets and bodykits. What makes them stand out is that they produce vented bonnets that are approved by the Department of Transport. Each item comes with a serial number and a matching certificate stating their legality.

The bonnets are classed as a "manufacturer replacement part", they are designed to be a direct bolt up part and no modifications are required. Same as any replacement car part. They feature a full under skeleton, which I forgot to take photos of, and will use all standard mounting/latching parts so bonnet pins aren't required.

Some photos I took today, but will update with photos of the skeleton when I can. The bonnet I had made is actually a custom one-off design for the S15, very happy with the finished product =)

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