Braided Hose Spiral Wrap

Braided hoses will eat through anything it rubs against, wiring, plastic and even your chassis/body. So it was in my best interested to prevent any of that happening.

I dropped by Enzed this morning and picked up some of this spiral wrap stuff. It was recommended by someone on a forum, but I also asked the guy Enzed and he also recommended it. In addition, I'm using p-bracket hose clamps to clamp the hoses down to the chassis. Better to be safe then sorry I suppose...

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  1. Hi.. came across this googling.. Can you provide the actual name of the product? Spiral hose wrap, braided hose wrap etc aren’t getting me very far. Thanks.

  2. Hey there.

    I’m not exactly sure what it’s called, buy Enzed/Pirtek both stock it.

    I also found this:

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