Brake Cylinder Brace

After MANY months of development and testing, my Brake Cylinder Brace is ready! The first batch will be priced at an introductory offer of $100 and limited to 40 pieces. Install photos will be up soon.

Before setting out on this project I did some testing on various MX-5s to see how much movement/flex there is in the firewall. The process was quite simple, I sat in the car and stepped on the brake pedal as a mate measured how much the brake master cylinder moved. It was obvious right away that there was about 4-5mm of movement in various cars we tested. The movement/flex means that braking response is delayed, not rigid and more spongy

The Brake Cylinder Brace simply attaches to the brake master cylinder via the two factory studs and anchors onto the chassis. It's designed like a triangle because triangles are very rigid shapes, every side of a triangle reinforces each other so that load is divided.ย The brace uses these three mounting points to effectively stiffen up that part of the firewall so there is no longer any flex/movement of the brake master cylinder.

The brace reduces brake travel and improves response time under hard braking. The feel is more solid and precise rather than a soft and delayed reaction time. All this from one small brace.

Installation is very straight forward and requires no adjustments. The brace is designed to self tension as you install it.

Each piece is hand-made right here in Australia, everything locally sourced too. Didn't want to risk the quality or consistency of the final product so getting them locally produced was the only way.

The part only fits right-hand drive NA models.

All stock is located in Brisbane for immediate dispatch.
Price includes delivery Australia wide by Australia Post.



. . .

Just some photos quickly showing where it's installed.

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