Carbon Fibre Side Mirror Install

Have just gone through TWO house moves in the past week, so I haven't had much time to post up something new. But here are some photos and a walk through of the Carbon Fibre Side Mirror install.

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First step is to insert the arm into the carbon fibre housing, once that's in just tighten it gently at the top using the supplied hardware.

At the base of the arm is a large grub screw, tighten this up to make the ball joint firmer. This can loosen over time, so just re-tighten when necessary. Then attach the base to the mounting plate using the supplied hardware.

To remove the factory mirrors, simply pop off the plastic  cover to reveal the screws. Once the mirror is off, give the surface a decent clean before proceeding to the next step.

Make sure to use the rubber gaskets when installing the mounting plate to your door, then simply install the plate using the supplied hardware.

The finished product!

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  1. do you still sell these brackets for APR mirrors ?

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