Centre Console Carpet

Was browsing build threads this morning and spotted someone doing a custom centre console carpet, looked cool so I decided to hack my spare parcel shelf carpet too.

I'm not sure if I want to get a shorty console yet, or just modify the current tombstone so it looks nicer. I'll also have to relocate the window switches.

I first used some cardboard to mock up a pattern.

I then transferred it onto an old pillow case to test out the fitment.

After I made a few adjustments to the pattern, I traced it onto the parcel shelf carpet and cut it out. If you're doing the same, make sure you place the pattern the correct side down.

Pretty happy how it's turned out, will pick up some Velcro (with the double sided tape) and attach it to certain spots so that the carpet sits nice and flat. I'm undecided whether I should get the the carpet edges "binded", might call an upholsterer for a quote.

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  1. Speak to a carpet store.
    I had some off cuts turned into mats and they “binded” the edges for just the cost of the materials used.

  2. Don’t suppose you kept the template did you? Are you willing to part with a copy?!? Keen to do the same to mine. Did you remove the console all together? Thanks

  3. Hey mate!

    Shoot me an email via the contact page and I’ll send you a PDF copy.

  4. Hey nice work on the center console carpet. If you still have the PDF please email it to me at


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