Centre Console Update & TSI

Small update!

I finished up my design to relocate the power window switches after deleting the centre console. The switches are automotive grade and will include wiring harness using crimped connections. A revised template for the carpet will also be included and will cover up the tunnel and fuel/boot release levers. The panel is CNC laser cut from 1.6mm thick stainless-steel sheet and all supplied hardware will be stainless-steel too.

Testing so far has been very good, functions like factory (no auto feature), and I find it easier to reach than the factory location for the switches.

Centre Console Delete Kit now available:

Below are some photos of the first prototype.

I now stock TSI kits, Turn Signal Intake. Replaces the factory light assembly, and provides a good source of cold air into the engine bay. The vents have both LED parker and indicator lights.

Not too bad hey!

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  1. are the TSI straight plug in or wiring required?

  2. I like you’ve done the switches. Will have to do something simular when I strip my interior.

  3. sweet. do u hapen to have any pics of it installed on a red mx?

  4. So you need to trim the tombstone a bit and drill some holes in it?

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