Custom Wiring Harness – Part 1

I decided that since my car would be off the road for a month or two as I work on the engine, it would be a great chance to do a custom wiring harness for the car. This would mean the body and engine/ECU wiring harnesses would be separated and independent of each other. Try to keep it all as simple as possible, will be especially nice to have a dedicated harness for the Megasquirt =)

So I was lucky enough to pickup an entire wiring harness (body, main, power, dash) for a decent price and got started working on it.

I've stripped the following from the harness so far:

  • All engine wiring
    • Air Flow Meter
    • Ignitors & coils (going COPs for the Megasquirt)
    • IAC valve
    • Purge valve
    • O2 (going dedicated wideband)
  • AC stuff
  • Power-steering
  • Clutch switch
  • Neutral switch
  • Fan switch (Megasquirt will control fans)
  • probable more... can't remember

All engine/ECU related fuses and relays will be kept separate and located close to the ECU. The engine bay fuse/relay box will be made redundant and relocated under the dash as there will only be four fuses used at that location.

After a long day of peeling tape and cutting wires...

99% complete with the main harness, you can see the pile of tape and wires removed in this photo. Seems a bit excessive doesn't it?

This is the wiring kit from DIYAutoTune, pretty handy. Will be used for engine to ECU wiring.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon de-pinning the ECU terminals so I could salvage the pins to re-use. It sucks having a budget...

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