Door Card Refresh

My door cards were long overdue for a re-trim, been putting it off for ages because it looked like a tedious job. bleh.

Had some free time today so went to the local automotive upholsterer to pick some supplies. I bought the required length of vinyl and foam backing, stopped at Bunnings to pick up some spray adhesive too.

Gave the vinyl a quick coat of glue and than laid down the foam backing. While I waited for the glue to dry, I stripped my door cards back and gave it a quick clean.

The door card was used as a template to trace onto the foam backed vinyl, make sure you add the required "tabs" too. Once it was cut out, I decided to remove the foam backing on the "tabs". Idea was to allow easier folding and better adhesion to the door card.

Coated the door card and underside of the foam backed vinyl in glue. The "tabs" were folded over and I used the can as a roller to smooth out the folds and apply a bit more pressure on them.

The finished door card!

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  1. I did this too, came out really nice, but turned out not to be UV stable, so it’s faded a bit.

  2. Nice one. Super easy job on a nice flat NA panel.

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