Door Cards & Other Bits


Some more progress over the last few weeks.

I installed new door cards and door pull. The door cards are by CarbonMiata and door pulls by Jass Performance, both products available through my store. I also went with some larger diameter speaker grills, I think it works well with the rest of the interior.


The interior wiring is now completed.


Rear lip was painted gloss black and finished mounting that up.


I used some rubber sheeting to make a gasket for the bulk head connector panel, cost a couple dollars off eBay. Than used some spray on glue to position it on the panel.


In a previous post I mentioned I had to make a jig to mount my throttle bodies, well below are more details on this. Quality of the T3 manifold isn't the greatest. Basically because the T3 manifold doesn't have dowels and the throttle body mounting holes aren't in the correct positions, the throttle bodies were never perfectly aligned. This misalignment results in the butterflies not opening evenly. I confirmed this with a spare set of throttle bodies.

No matter what adjustments were made, the butterflies would either be out of sync at closed throttle or part/full throttle. Even adjusting the bypass screws wouldn't help.

Not too sure how important it is to have them open evenly, but it can't be a good thing if they're not...

Below shows a factory Toyota manifold with two locating dowels on each throttle body.


Throttle bodies mounted to the Toyota manifold and everything dialed in.


The jig mounted to the throttle bodies using the top holes.


Throttle bodies unbolted from the Toyota manifold and transferred to the T3 manifold. The threaded holes in the T3 manifold were not spaced correctly so I had to drill out the holes in the throttle bodies to get everything to bolt down.


Jig plate removed from the throttle bodies and trumpets installed.


Intake mounted up and injectors connected.



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