Downshift Meet April 2012

The monthly JDMST x Downshift meet was today, decent turnout considering the crap rainy weather. I was able to take a few snaps but spent most of time meeting new people and chatting about ITB tuning on the Megasquirt 😀

I also spotted my previous car, Nissan S15, and was nice to see it out and about.

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Giving her a slight hose before meeting leaving.

Pretty cool Corolla with some tight fitment.

I have a soft spot for mesh, can't get enough of them.

A very clean example of a NA8, fitment is dead on too.

Some nice old school machines out too.

Michael's matte black NA6 with awesome bonnet art 😀

Ian's 1L 3-cylinder Daihatsu, he has installed motorbike ITBs and tuned it himself with a Megasquirt ECU. Hopefully I can pull this off in the near future.

Spotted!!! My previous car, Nissan S15. Miss it so much.

Oh sweet rotor, much have...

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  1. thanks for the photo of the 240

  2. Thanks for the shot of the rotory engine …I’m an ex Mazda dealer & circuit racer ….Owened & raced dozens of MAD SICK ROTORYS Thanx Mate

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