ECU Mounting Revisited

So my first attempt for the ECU mount was a failure, it sucked and was messy looking. This next mount attempt is so simple, not sure why I didn't think of it first. Checkout the photos below.

Used my spare dash to plan my bracket, much easier when flipped upside down.

Had some some left over angle aluminium, perfect for the task at hand.

Quickly positioned to make sure it clears everything.

Stickered my ECU because it's so awesome.

Marked all the holes and drilled everything.

Double checking that all the holes lined up.

Done! Very very happy how it turned out, the bracket is strong and holds it at a good position. The glove box closes up fine, still emptied out so no real use but it'll be locked up anyway.

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  1. awesome build

  2. Thank’s mate!

    Do you have a MX-5 too?

  3. yeah its on my facebook page.

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