Engine Assembly.


While the engine was out of the car, I removed my built head and sent it off for a quick check-over. Unfortunately for me, I was told that all the intake valves were damaged, the likely cause being poor air filtration (will expand on this at a later stage). So all intake valves were replaced, and decided to swap some new camshafts in.

Head all freshened up and the new billet camshafts (intake & exhaust).


The lifter bores had to be heavily modified for the new camshafts.


Re-built bottom end and genuine Mazda head gasket. Deck was surfaced, bores re-honed,  and new bearings/rings.


The valve train fitted and ready to be degreed.


Using the "Lift @ TDC" method, basically the amount of lift on the camshafts at TDC on the overlap stroke.


All degreed, but I'll go through the whole process again to double check. I did the measuring off cylinder no. 4 lobes at TDC, I'll do it again measuring off cylinder no. 1.


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