Engine Bays Of WTAC 2013

I took heaps of photos at WTAC 2013, and now I'm just too lazy to go through them all. So I've decided to only post up my photos of engines/engine bays =D Heaps more photos after the break!

Some quick snaps of the Engineered To Slide's drift ute.

Twin Turbo V8.

Beau's 86 drift machine.

SR20VE Turbo S15.

SR20DET setups were everywhere, makes me miss my old Silvia.

The MCA 370Z with ITBs.

Some nice S2000 setups.


Race car yo!

Some interesting F20/22 engine swaps into a Datto and AE86.

Very clean 20B RX-7.

All that gold....

6-rotor from New Zealand.

Big power SR20VE Turbo drag S13.

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