Engine Harness & Wiring Parts

So a few weeks back I started working on the ECU/engine harness, this was re-using old connectors and terminals. Was never happy about re-using those parts...

How it was with the re-used parts.

Fortunately I was able to find the part numbers for new parts, all sourced locally from RS Components too! All parts are manufactured by Tyco/AMP and the part numbers are below:

I also found a very good source for automotive wiring in Brisbane, the company is CECA and located in Geebung. They stock Tycab's full range of automotive cabling.

All new connectors and terminals!

Also started on my Deutsch connectors, love these things!

All terminated... this connector is used for all coil and injector +12V wires.

As a precaution, I also did continuity checks for every wire and terminal used.

These are the parts I picked up to do my dedicated fuse/relay panel. Includes terminal bar, bus bar, fuse block and a relay block.

On the left are the brand new terminals I used, and the right is the FD RX-7 battery fuse block. This is where I'll be relocating all my main fusible links, sits on the positive side battery clamp.

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  1. what size injectors you using? part numbers for deustch connectors?

  2. Will be using the 1.8L injectors, should provide enough flow for the power I’ll be making. Depends how many pin connectors you need.

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