Engine Rebuild – Part 2

I got my block back from Chilton Engineering this week. They are always my first choice when it comes with engine machining work, can't recommend them enough.

David and his team carried out the following work:

  • Measure and hone cylinder bores
  • Deck the block
  • Remove and replace oil gallery plugs
  • Clean oil ways
  • Supply and fit welch plugs
  • Measure and cleaning of pistons
  • Remove balls in crankshaft and replace with screw in plugs
  • Crack detect crankshaft
  • Check and linish crankshaft
  • Block hot washed
  • Supply of new rings and bearings

Like last time, the block was wire brushed to get any loose bits off. Fortunately, the block was acid/hot washed by the machine shop so didn't have to clean as much 🙂

I found that one can of VHT Engine Primer was enough to paint my whole block, I went with gloss black.

I also disassembled my oil pump to give it a once over and make sure everything was within tolerances.

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  1. Why do you not put in frost plugs After you’ve painted it? =(

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