Engine Rebuild – Part 4

Over the last couple of days I've been able to install the pistons back into the block =)

Because this rebuild is a learning process for me, I choose to re-use the old pistons. Everything is pretty much standard.

Stock pistons being re-used as they all measured spot on.

The oil expansion and both rail rings installed. Very easy to do , just make sure to use a lot of oil to lubricate everything.

Upper and lower rings installed, again very easy to install. Just make sure you use a ring spreading tool. The rings need to be clocked into their correct orientation too. I'll try upload some images from the service manual a bit later on.

Once rings are on, oil everything up again. Than it's time for the ring compressor to do it's thing. This part was a little nerve racking as a first time engine builder, but I'm confident it went well.

AND DONE!!! For now...

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