Engine Swap Completed!!!

So stayed up late last night getting it all ready, completed everything apart from gearbox oil and timing. Didn't run into problems, just followed the service manual etc.. Did everything by myself, actually pretty easy to pull/install engines in the MX-5.

And now the photos I managed to take =)

New clutch on and aligned, my freshly blasted alternator case.

The modified NB6 intake camshaft to allow use of the CAS.

Timing belt TDC, timing covers on.

Gearbox mounted and ready to go in =)

Lowering it in slowly, easy does it.


Exhaust manifold and valve cover back on.

52mm dual core aluminium radiator mounted up.

Intake back on and temporary catch can installed.

Bleeding clutch with a "one man brake bleeder kit" and filling gearbox with oil using a funnel and hose.


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  1. Hi great build!!! but i have some questions to ask…
    is it possible to use the na6 stock ecu with the NB6 engine or will you need to run an after market ecu or the nb6 ecu?

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