Frame Rail Brace Install

The following is a quick guide for installing the Frame Rail Brace Kit. Installation time varies depending on how mangled your frame rails are, apart from that it's all pretty easy and straight forward.

Before you start, you'll need to remove your seats and fold your carpet out of the way, use something to prop it up.

Getting the frame rails back into shape so the braces could slip on. We used a variety of tools like hammers and clamps, some pieces of wood is handy too.

Frame rail brace on, you want it as far forward as possible but still sit flat up against the floor. Drill holes one at a time and starting from the front, each bolt uses two washers (one top and one bottom). It's also recommended to spray some rust proofing paint on each hole and apply some silicon through the bottom to seal the hole.

Remember to drill one hole at a time and tighten up it's bolt, loosen it and drill the hole opposite. You can than tighten the two bolts, repeat this process working your way towards the rear. All bolts can than be torqued to 51Nm, start from the center and work your way out.

UPDATE!!! Our kits now come with custom brackets for mounting the fuel lines.

The factory fuel line holder fits straight onto our stainless steel brackets, just remove them both from the fuel lines and twist them into our bracket.

Each bracket mounts onto two studs in the frame rail brace, but only one nut is required for each bracket. The extra stud is used a locator and reduces movement of the bracket.

The driver side requires a bit more work because of the fuel and brake lines, still quite simple to do though. You'll have to undo all the brackets so the hard lines can be moved slightly out of the way.

Unbolt the bracket and remove it from the hard lines, this will need to be modified slightly.

Twist off the plastic holder, take note of it's orientation. Than flatten out the metal bracket.

And this is what it should look like.

Attach the brackets without the plastic part to the frame rail brace and tighten them up with the supplied nylock nuts. Once they are in the right position, you can twist the plastic part back on (make sure it's in the correct orientation).

Click all the lines back into the holder and make sure everything is clear from the bolts. As a precaution, we've also supplied some zip-ties. Wrap it around the hard lines and the bracket.

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  1. Brilliant. cant wait to get started on this project on my car

  2. we need to have a massssive dodgy day 🙂

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