Fuel System Parts

Last week I posted some photos of my OBX fuel rail that I purchased to replace the M-Tuned one that doesn't fit. Well I picked up more parts over the last couple of days, things like braided hose and the required fittings. Just some notes on the OBX rail... it's utter shit! They didn't even bother deburring the holes or cleaning up any metal shavings left inside the rail, not to mention the threads were damaged!

All fittings and hose I've decided to source from Aeroflow, and I'll be using all -6AN sized fittings/hose for fuel. Purchased all the bits locally from Race Car Engineering, good prices and good service, would definitely recommend them.

My Aeromotive FPR (fuel pressure regulator), and fuel pressure gauge.

The crappy OBX fuel rail...

Some of the fittings I purchased, have more on order too.

Aeroflow's -6AN black braided light weight hose. This stuff is nicer looking, more flexible and easier to work with. Sick of working with the full stainless braided hosing, I like this hose 😀

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