Game Boy Micro – JDM 20th Anniversary Famicon Version

So after nine weeks of waiting, my Game Boy Micro arrived! This is the limited edition JDM version that was released for the 20th anniversary of the Famicon console.

I haven't dared to play with it yet, just too pretty to ruin! Should I keep it in MINT condition? Maybe...

JDM as fuck!

Soooooo pretty!

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  1. Thats awesome John! I seriously want one….

  2. Should get one! Ebay US has quite a few JDM units for sale, I had trouble finding one because most of them don’t ship to Australia.

  3. wats jdm as fuck mean? it looks shiny and i like the shiny

  4. JDM means it’s “Japanese Domestic Market” and the saying “JDM as fuck” is just a joke thing in the car community.

  5. Going to look into that, i’m in states/canada atm so makes life easier 😀

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