Goodbye Bob Maxell… =(

It's a very sad day for me. After putting my S15 up for sale on CarSales, it finally sold after three weeks. The new owner has taken Bob Maxell away and all I feel is sadness =(, I call it Bob Maxell because of the number plates 808 MXL!

Click through for wallpaper download.

Although I put a lot of work into my S15, I decided it was time to buy an RX-7 (Series 8 FD3S) and it would be just too irresponsible to own three cars. So the S15 had to go to make way for my future car. Being a rotary, I just know that I will be working/fixing it non-stop. Will make for some enjoyable blog posts =)

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  1. Just curious, did you end up selling it for the asking price of 23k? I look at the hardtuned thread every other day thinking about it, but then I think about my future and that I should probably buy a house :p. It is the best s15 I have ever seen, just looks so hot (not to make you feel sad haha).

  2. Hey Christian,

    Thanks for the kind words mate! I miss it so much already. I ended up getting $21k minus $1k worth of parts that I removed off the car. So $22k when all said and done. Pretty happy with the price and surprised how fast it sold.

    Was thinking about getting an RX-7, but looks like I might be putting that money into my business or investing it in something else. Hopefully I can get another car in 6-8 months time.

    Do you have a link to your S15?

  3. Haha nah I don’t actually have an s15, I was thinking about it but haven’t actually got one yet. Right now I just have a daily vp calais 5ltr. Never owned a jap car so would love to give one a go. Still contemplating, but there are way better things I could do with my money (like business or house), but I really want a fast car :p

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