Intake Progress & ECU Brackets


Quick update on my custom intake setup. Below was the first iteration of the setup, custom airbox with 105mm long velocity stacks. Since than, I've decided to change my brake booster to a remote booster setup 🙂 This basically means I'll be able to fit in 135mm long velocity stacks!

The compact Wilwood brake master cylinder, the kit contains the standard reservoir plus a remote reservoir. I quickly modelled up a adapter plate and printed it out for prototyping.

The redesigned velocity stack at 135mm length. A couple photos showing the printing process as well as comparisons to the 75mm and 105mm velocity stacks.

Mounted up for some length comparisons.

Going to 135mm length stacks meant that I needed more height on the airbox, my solution is to keep the spacer design but increase its thickness. It currently looks a little clumsy but I do have reasons for going this route. Below are photos of the first part of the spacer, roughly checked the clearance and then printed the rest of the assembly. I designed the parts wit dove-tail joints so that the parts slide together for easy assembly.

More photos of the spacer showing the size and the internal clearance.

And the reason for using this spacer design rather than designing a taller air box is so that I could easily swap from airbox to Pipercross filter. That might be a stupid idea though...

I've been meaning to do this part for awhile now, so here it is! It's my bracket design to mount the Megasquirt ECU 🙂

Used Fusion 360 to model these and below is the first version.

Fitment to the ECU was perfect first go, same thing when mounted to the car. I also experimented with these M4 brass threaded inserts, very happy with them so far.

Tested a few different changes to help with print-ability and install/removal of ECU. So so happy with the final design 🙂

And this is how it all looks mounted to the dash frame.

I also picked up a Nakamae side pocket and Beatrush dead pedal from Car Make Corns when I was in Japan!

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