ITB Build

So over the holidays I put some money down on a few parts for the car, will make for some great New Years Resolutions =)

Found a brand new ITB kit "second hand" off a forum, was able to get it at a very good price so I'm going to try do a budget build. Kit came with the Garage Star/Techno Toy Tuning (T3) adapter plate (black), Toyota AE101 throttle bodies, fuel rail mount, velocity stacks (black), air filters, vacuum block, Toyota TPS and various gaskets.

I've also got myself a Megasquirt DIYPNP ECU for tuning purposes, will assemble this ASAP and get running with the car as is. Will need other parts too like a new fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, wideband O2 sensor and synchrometer to sync the throttle bodies.

ITBs will improve engine response, emit evil noises from the engine bay as well as a small jump in power. My initial goal is to have fun building/tuning the engine, but long term is to gain more power with cams, head port/polish (and maybe other expensive stuff!).

Some good info here:

What it'll roughly look like when done:

Read more after the break...

Now some pretty photos of the ITB kit I bought!

AE101 throttle bodies mounted to the Garage Star/Techno Toy Tuning (T3) adapter plate with the velocity stacks.

mmmmmm ITB adapter plates.

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  1. Awesome blog! I was googling and happened to get onto this. Are you planning on tuning your ITB setup yourself with MS?

  2. Thanks mate! Just checked out your blog too, love the work you’re doing.

    I will be tuning the MS myself with help from a few people, but I’ve been told that I will need dyno time to confirm everything and sort out any issues. But there are some MS wizards in Brisbane that have offered to assist, even a guy building custom firmware for it! It’s a great commmunity to be in, love the MS already.

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