ITB Build Complete!


Even though I say "complete" I really don't mean it, I will keep building and working on my car. It never ends! And I think many out there can relate 😀

Big thanks goes out to mate Ian for helping me the last couple of days to get it running. A few issues here and there but all sorted now.

I've done about 500kms already and have loved every second of it. The noise and power increase, the engine has brought the car to a new level and I'm absolutely stoked with the results. Can't wait to build the high compression bottom end!

I was a bit slack with the photos, was too caught up in the moment. But here are a few snaps anyway.

Ian producing a base map for the engine.

The idle was really rough and shaking the engine a lot, once the throttle bodies were balanced everything became very smooth and idle was much nicer.

A few early mornings were involved to get the cold start idle and cranking settings.

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