ITB Build – Part 12

A few more pieces of the puzzle done today...

First up was to complete the brake prop valve relocation, had a mobile hose come by today to get the hard-lines made up. I used some coat hanger to dummy up the bends and he took over from there.

So that's my coat hanger template, pretty happy with the way it's laid out.

The existing front passenger hard-line was re-used by just bending it to the required shape, a new line and joiner has made for the rear brake line.

The smaller lines going from master cylinder to prop valve were bent up, following my coat hanger template from above. Turned out alright, could be better though.

All the brake lines completed and prop valve successfully relocated.

In other news, my 4.778 ratio diff gears have arrived, these will go into my Cusco 1.5way LSD, paired with the NB 5-speed box this will be an awesome combination for my high-revving engine.

Not too bad ey!

Finally I installed my KG Works tombstone and the stainless radio panel. I like it much better now, but is it too much stainless steel? Time will tell...

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