ITB Build – Part 15

For the last week I've been slowly working on the engine wiring. My goal wasn't to tuck anything, but more of a general clean up and make it look neat and easy to access.

Wiring was made from scratch, straight to the Megasquirt and power board. I used brand new connectors/terminals and Deutsch plugs whenever I could.

The air filters and hose clamps will be replaced with better parts very soon.

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  1. awesome work!
    from the first post is everything fantastic!

  2. this looks beautiful! cant wait to hear and see this thing running!

  3. ^ Same, I felt like a little schoolgirl for a sec there, you’ve done well.

  4. John! Your project is very inspiring! Once I get mine going again, I hope to achieve the same level of detail and tidiness! Wonderful work here!

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