ITB Build – Part 4

Bllleerrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh... Slow progress lately, held up by the wiring and have to sort a few parts sourcing issues.

I was planning to run the headlight wiring outside of the engine bay and under the guards, but at the last minuted I started to ditch the idea. Decided to keep the wiring in the engine bay and just neaten it up. I think it's a bit more practical and doesn't look too bad either.

The front bar has to be removed so that the guards could come out. I ended up not needing to remove the front guards, but this gave me a good opportunity to clean out all the dirt/gravel stuck behind there.

How the headlight wiring looked after neatening it up.

Next up I decided to freshen up the old rusty brake booster by sanding it down and a fresh coat of satin black paint.

Looks damn good back in the engine bay 😀

I'm also getting all the old nuts/bolts cleaned up and zinc plated. At this point of the build I may as well take the opportunity to make sure no rusted hardware is returned to the car.

A whole buckets worth, can't wait to get them back all clean.

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  1. Brilliant progress so far. KEEP IT UP! your doing well. 😉

  2. thanks mate! 😀

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