ITB Strip & Clean

So my AE101 Toyota ITBs are filthy, full of grime and covered in weird corrosion stuff. I can't mentally install them without giving them a "refresh". I initially attempted to clean them by hand but to no avail, so I decided to get them professionally sand blasted.

The dirty yuk throttle bodies.

The screws holding the butterfly in are secured from factory by "mushrooming" the ends of the thread, this effectively prevents the screwd from backing out and getting into your engine. So I've had to drill out the screws to disassemble.

I then cleaned the butterflies as well as the insides of the throttle bodies, easily enough with some elbow grease a scotch-brite pad.

Because the throttle bodies use ball-bearings and seals for the main shaft, I had to tape off all openings before I take them to the sand blaster.

All the parts prepped and sorted out so I don't misplace anything, hopefully get a chance to drop it off to the sand blaster next week.

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  1. What size are these ones bud, I haven’t played with the Toyota items, but I have heard of these being used. Cheers, Warren

  2. hey mate. the opening is 48mm and the butterfly is 45mm. can’t wait to get them on with some cams, but just taking everything slow until I get more free time.

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