ITB Update

In my previous update I posted up about reassembling my ITBs. I had to use new screws to hold the throttle plates as the old ones were drilled out, they were replaced with socket cap screws but I was recommended to use something with a smaller profile head. I've now replaced the screws with button head socket screws.

The screws were also cut down so not much thread was left sticking out on the other side.

Spent some time over the weekend dialing up the ITB adjustment screws, still a few things to sort out and hopefully they won't cause issues down the track.

Stupid little adjusting screws, very tedious!

Finally received my FPR adapter piece for the M-Tunes fuel rail.

Gave the foot-well plate a good clean.

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  1. Sorry for the question, but I havent seen a build thread yet. Have you done any engine work, or are you just adding ITBs?

  2. my build thread is here:

    before the ITBs go on I’m getting my head worked, this includes a extensive porting, larger valves, stronger valve springs, new shims for solid lifters, 280degree cams with 10.5mm lift. still saving up for all the machine work, and that’s why I’m just taking my time building the ITBs.

    bottom end will be stock for now, but who knows what’ll happen in the future 😀

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