Low-Profile Headlight Install

This is a install walk-through of the Low-Profile Headlight Kit. It's quite straight forward to get everything bolted into the car, but it does take a bit of time to make minor adjustments so that both headlights are level with each other.

The supplied instructions can be found below, please use it together with this guide:

Before you start, have your headlights popped up than remove the retractor fuse/relay.

1. Remove the factory headlight and it's frame. This consists of 3 small screws, 2 large screws and a spring.

2. Using a pen, outline the brackets holding the headlight lid to the assemble. This will be used as a guide when you re-assemble.

3. Using a 14mm spanner, remove the nut and spring washer that holds the control arm to the retractor motor.

4. Remove the bolts/nuts on both sides of the assembly, this is the pivot point of the headlight assembly.

5. Remove entire headlight assembly from the car.

6. Remove the control arm from the assembly, carefully pry it evenly at the ball joint.

7. Drill two 6mm holes for the new control arm bracket. The position of the bracket is crucial, please refer to the manual for precise location. Make sure they are positioned identical in each headlight assembly.

8. Use one of the original factory screws, slip the supplied washer and spring onto the screw. Attach to the adapter frame and screw into bottom plastic clip.

9. Top holes of the frame are attached to the assembly using the supplied counter-sunk screws, washer, spring and nut.

10. Attach the Hella lense to the frame using the self tapping screws.

11. Loosen the locking nut and remove the factory stopper, install the supplied curved stopper.

12. Re-install the assembly into the car, plug headlight cable back in.

13. Loosen the bottom stopper, set the top stopper temporarily down.

14. With the retractor motor in the UP position, attach the control arm to the retractor motor shaft. Make sure the control arm is as straight as possible and the assembly is in the UP position too. Tighten the nut just enough so that you can do some tests by popping the headlights up and down a few times and make sure that the headlight is lifted to the highest point. Tighten the nut when done.

15. With the headlight up, set the top stopper so it just pushes against the assembly. With the headlights in the down position, set the bottom stopper so it just pushes back against the assembly. In both up/down positions, there should be very little movement, this ensures that the assembly will not bounce around whether the lights are up or down.

16. Repeat the instructions for the other side, and make minor adjustments to ensure both headlight heights are equal.

17. Adjustments are made using the control arm, remove it from the retractor motor shaft to do so. Lengthening the control arm will raise the headlight, shortening the control arm will lower the height.

18. You can now install the headlight lid and the side panels, the outer panel uses 1 short screw towards the back and the front uses a long screw with the supplied plastic spacer. Inner panels uses 2 short screws, the front screw uses a washer as a spacer.

19. Aligning the beam is done using the 2 top screws on the lense housing, black plastic surround. These screws allow adjustments for vertical and horizontal alignment. For any reason you need more vertical alignment, the bottom screw that holds the adapter bracket to the assembly can be adjust to raise/lower the lense.

20. Enjoy your new low-profile headlights!

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