Momo Steering Wheel & 42DD Catch Can

Small update...

I recently ordered a new steering wheel, made a risky choice and picked the 280mm diameter Momo Team. It's ridiculously stupidly small.... Upside is that it feels like I'm driving a go kart and the response/feedback is amazing. Steering effort is increased but still manageable, only difficulty is reverse parking.

My small ass 280mm diameter steering wheel.

I also bought a proper oil catch can to replace the temprorary one I had. It's made by 42 Draft Designs and I had one in my S15 too, build quality is amazing and has a filter inside to properly catch all oil vapours.

I purchased it locally through Carformance:

The multi-layer filter used inside the 42 Draft Designs catch can.

Now some photos of the catch can install =)

Just used some U-Bolts to hold the catch can to my strut brace, and left over hose I had.

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