MX-5 Brake Upgrade

Went by Ralph's Garage on Friday to give my mate a hand with installing his new brakes. His silver NA6 (SR20DET) has the standard brakes on it and were on their way out, so was in desperate need of an upgrade. Unfortunately, his wheels don't clear the front NB Turbo brakes, so we could only install the rears for now.

Ralph's Garage has pretty cool cars come in every now and then. On this occasion there was a restore Mini Cooper and a VW Karmann Ghia.

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Reversed the MX-5 in, jacked it up and removed the rear wheels.

Duy working hard cleaning up the hubs.

Because the rotors from the NB are larger, the dust shield needed some enlarging.

The brake calipers before installation and the final product =)

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