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On my never ending quest to clean up my engine bay, I decided to replace my Cusco oil catch can with something proper.

By random chance I stumbled upon the perfect candidate, 42 Draft Designs' Stealth Oil Catch Can. I ordered it locally through the Australian distributor, who's also located in Brisbane.

Carformance -

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What I like most about their design, is the fact that it actually has a four layer filter which will catch any oil. This means that the gases will return to your intake without any oil/oil vapours. Aesthetics wise, the can is very clean and factory looking. The reason why I purchases the crinkle black finish =)

The multi-layer filter used inside the 42 Draft Designs catch can.

When I ordered the catch can, also ordered the optional quick drain fitting. It's just like a little tap with a hose so you can easily drain any oil, rather then removing the catch can to remove the drain plug and empty it out manually. Well worth the extra $10, and Carformance stocks them as well.

The plan was to mount it nicely in the front of the engine bay, so I mocked up a template for the bracket on some plastic. I then transferred it to paper and then photocopied it so I could glue it to the aluminium.

I used my trusty angle grinder to roughly cut out the bracket. Then cleaned it up with my Dremel, a metal file and sandpaper.

This is the can all mounted up with the custom bracket, the filtered fumes are vented back into the intake to keep it legal. The hoses are 3/4" and were purchased from Enzed awhile ago, they are oil safe and can withstand the heat inside an engine bay. They are made by Parker and part number is 611-12.

The catch can and drain fitting were purchased from Carformace -

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  1. GREAT job on the bracket, very tidy install, and Ill have to check out that hose, it looks good! Well done mate.

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