Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 1

Beautiful day today, so had a mate over and started pulling apart the S15 =)

The front bar is being removed so I can mount the oil cooler in the corner under the headlights. Radiator is being removed so that the new Falcon AU thermo fans can be installed. The intake manifold is being removed because I want the temp sender for the Dakota Digital fan controller to be in the same spot as the factory temp sender. The intake manifold being off also makes it a lot easier to install the oil filter block. More info these parts in my next post.

Jacked the car up and drained all the coolant out of the system.

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Removed the front bar so we could mount the oil cooler.

Removed radiator for the thermo fans.

My custom fat aluminium radiator, the stock clutch fan and thermo fan.

Removed the two parts of the intake manifold.

Engine bay all cleaned up and ready for tomorrow.

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