Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 2

Wasn't much of a car day today, didn't get much done at all because I had some uni and COEM Audio stuff to attend to.

I went by Extreme Motorsports and Enzed to pick up some parts, and then dropped off my intake manifold at Clifton Engineering to get a hole tapped for the VDO temp sender. Most of my other parts were already ordered from Summit Racing in the US.

My efforts from today -

The remote oil filter block, shown with -10 fittings and rubber o-rings. The oil outlets were tapped with BSPT threads instead of NPT, so fancy anodised fittings weren't available.

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Stock oil filter block removed to make way for the item above.

Shiny oil filter block in with new Defi oil pressure and temp senders installed. Stock oil pressure sender won't be used so the wire will have to be grounded so that the oil light doesn't stay on.

Just some photos of the parts I bought today -

Fan mounting kit and braided hose brackets.

An extra SpeedFlow fitting that I forgot to pickup earlier.

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