Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 4

Today I set out to install the oil cooler core plus make the rest of the braided hosing. I initially hated making braided hosing but I enjoy it now, got my technique down pat. Just wish I had some AN spanners to keep the fittings looking nice.

Before cutting your hose, wrap the cut area in electric tape. This keeps the metal braid from fraying and flying everywhere.

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You then twist on the socket end, anti-clockwise, and make sure the hose goes all the way to inner lip. Also a good idea to wrap tape on end of the socket, just to mark the position so you can tell if the hose moves.

Before inserting the nipple fitting into the socket, use some engine oil to lubricate the tip and thread. Insert the nipple end and thread the two pieces together.

After all your efforts you will get something that looks like this =).

AN spanners are normally used to assemble these fittings, this is because they're made from softer aluminium which stops it from denting/scratching the fittings. I'm too cheap to spend $100 on four spanners, so I just taped up some regular spanners.

Test mounting the cooler core, fit pretty well I must admit. The S15 front vents are perfect for it =).

Front bar back on to check the clearance.

Adding extra bracing to keep the cooler core secure. Just used some aluminium plate I had laying.

Braided hoses fitted up and routed into engine bay.

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