Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 5

Had a pretty late start on the S15 today, earlier in the morning we went to the East Coast Customs garage sale to pick up some parts and didn't get back until about midday.

All the oil cooler parts have now been removed to be cleaned inside and out. I made some markings on the braided hose, and this is where I'll be installing some protective spiral wrap. It will protect the hose from rubbing against anything. Anyway some photos of the complete oil cooler setup.

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The Ford Falcon thermo fans had to be trimmed to fit up nicely with the radiator and engine bay. Just used an angle grinder and Dremel. The thermo fans were then attached to the radiator by using some thermo fan zip ties, they work pretty damn well.

Fan mounted up to the radiator.

Installing the radiator/fans back into the engine bay was a tight squeeze, fits like a glove. Had to move the AC drier slightly too, but once the radiator/fan is in you can move the AC drier back into it's original position.

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