Prototype Gear Knobs

Been busy the last week with prototyping a few gear knobs that I hope to produce in the future. With help from a friend, these were turned manually on a lathe and made from stainless steel and Nylon with a steel insert. Threaded specifically for MX-5/Miata models.

Will be testing them over the next couple of weeks to see how they perform. And final production units will be available in stainless steel or Delrin.

Details on our custom gear knob service can be found here:

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I took some photos of the process and will update later with installed photos. Enjoy =)

1. Bored out the centre and drilled a hole for the thread
2. Tapering the bottom half of the gear knob
3. Rounding/smoothing the top of the gear knob

Completed piece with a nice smooth brushed finish.

1. Centre drilled out and bottom tapered
2. Turned the entire length to give it a nice clean finish
3. Top of knob was rouned to a nice smooth finish

Machining the steel insert that will be pushed into the nylon body, gives it added strenth.

The completed knob and our method of "pushing" in the steel insert.

UPDATE.... installed photos.

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