QR Midweek Sprints

Smashed out work really early today so I could hang out with some mates and head out to QR. Charlie was out with his MX-5 too, first track event since the rebuild. He managed some very good lap times even though it was the his first time doing QR.

I tried to take as many photos as I could, so follow after the break to check them out 😀

Read more after the break...

Few pics of Charlie on and off the track.

In pits... Love the genuine HKS turbo, probably the best thing about the car 😛

Few other MX-5s out on the track, as well as Josh Coote's 180SX and a supercharge K25 Civic.

This MX-5 was looking very fast out on the track today, so jelly.

Josh Coote's 180SX and a neat little Datsun 1600, sounded so tough.

Cool little supercharged K24 Civic.

Honda S2000.

A few MX-5s in pits.

Porsche GT3.


A neat little MX-5 and Aston Martin spotted in the car park.

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  1. first time on QR and managed a 62!

  2. wow just shows how well built and how much potential the setup has!

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