Saturday Morning Adventures

We made our way to MX-5 Plus today, possibly the best Mazda place in Australia.

They've been in business for awhile but today was their official opening for Serive/Parts Warehouse. There were a few customer cars on display as well as some classics on show.

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An old school Mazda Cosmo.

MX-5 Plus track built NC MX-5 powered by a supercharged 13B Renesis, I love the wheels and fat tyres!

Below is a rear wheel drive Mazda 626 powered by a turbo-charged 13B, also features a compact water-to-air intercooler custom made by ARE.

Inside the MX-5 Plus workshop, a few nice customer cars on display.

Also spotted this R34 GT-R sitting outside, it's an M-Spec with a V-Spec body kit.

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