She’s Heartless

Had some time today so went ahead with removing the engine out, I like to call it a heart transplant. Was a pretty straight forward process and easy enough to do by my self. Tried to take as many photos as I could remember, enjoy =)

Before I could start, had to remove the front lip because it couldn't clear the engine crane. Stupid ride height...

Chained up and slowly lift and tilt it out.

And it's out!!!!!

Once the engine was safely outside of the engine bay, I split the gearbox away from the engine. Once that ws done, I saw that the clutch was getting old so decided to replace it while everything was out.

Picked up a Exedy Heavy Duty clutch kit from NPC. Price was awesome and came with the clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing.

That's it for now, should be picking up the replacement engine tomorrow. Then more fun =)

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