Shifter Boots

While doing the engine swap I noticed that my shifter boots were ripped, lower boot was leaking oil from the turret t00. So below are some details and photos of the entire process.

The part numbers for my 1990 MX-5 are:

  • lower boot - M514-17-480A
  • upper boot - NA01-64-481B

Had some troubles finding the lower boot though, fortunately there is an alternative part no. M513-17-480A which you can use too.

Firstly remove the gear knob, I find using some rubber gloves helps a lot. Then proceed to remove the centre console, this then reveals the upper shifter boot.

After removing the upper boot, this revealed by ghetto shift boot. Had to do this while I was waiting for the replacement boot, just helped to soak up any leaking oil.

Photo on left shows the damaged lower boot, then next photo is the lower boot removed. Take this chance to check your turret oil level and fill up if needed. Becareful not to overfill or oil will be pushed out once you put the shifter back in.

Shifter out showing the ripped boot. To remove the boot, oil up the shaft and pull it off up the shifter.

New lower shift boot, to install just oil up the shaft and slide it on.

When putting the shifter back in use a bit of sealant, then slide on the new upper boot and you're done!

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