Some Testing at Lakeside

Last Sunday, I headed out to Lakeside Raceway with some friends for Happy Laps. These are great events as it only costs $20 and gives you 30mins of track time and a hot breakfast!

I took this opportunity to test out the cooling system in it's current state. So in the 30mins of laps, I was hard on the throttle and constantly on boost. Aim was to push the heat as high as possible =)

  • Water Temperature -  temps stayed between 81-85°C the whole time, the water reached 85 at the end of the main straight and the thermo fans kick on to drop it to 81°C by the next two corners.
  • Oil Temperature - temps initially were around 85°C but then peaked at 90°C and stayed there the whole time.

Pretty good results so far, especially when you consider the standard cooling system was reaching 95-96°C on the track at the last event.

Was an awesome morning, hope to get out again soon to test out the vented bonnet =)

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