Sydney Roadtrip

My mate recently found a black NA8 MX-5 shell for sale and it seemed like a great way to start a track car build. mmmmmmmmm SR20DET powered MX-5. Mate already has the SR20DET engine/gearbox and also the appropriate engine/gearbox swap kit.

Unfortunately, it was all the way down in Sydney... We borrowed a mate's tow truck and left Brisbane at 7PM on Friday and arrived to Sydney around 6AM. Upon arrival in Sydney we decided to take a nap at a local Bunnings while we waited for it to open, had to buy some ropes and a tarp to cover the shell for the drive back (was raining mad). Also took the opportunity to visit Cabramatta for some delicious Pork Salad Rolls, YUMMMMO!

So this was the truck we used, imported from Japan. Has a proper JDM sticker of a Ferrari sitting on the tilt tray!

Picked the shell up at around 10AM, it had no shocks/springs so we had to put the shell on top of some old tyres and strap it down to the tow truck. This worked very well and the shell didn't move at all during the whole trip. We then left the guys place at around 11AM and got back to Brisbane 11PM.

Was a pretty awesome trip, wasn't very tired and we took breaks and swapped drivers every 2 hours. STOP REVIVE SURVIVE!

Some photos of the future track weapon.

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