B18C2 Installed!



All brand new covers and resprayed rocker cover =)


Such a great feeling to have the B18C2 finally installed, still missing a few bits before we get to start her up. But the finish line is near...





EG Civic Replacement Carpet


As an attempt to try tidy up the daily Honda, I ordered some replacement carpet. It comes in two pieces, split just under the front seats, and I'm very happy with the quality. Was annoying doing all the cut-outs and took a few hours to do, not something I want to do again 😛

As you can see, the old carpet was in a horrible state.


I kept the dash in, and just simply removed a few brackets to get the carpet through under the dash. We found a some moneys, hair clips, and a tampon (NEW IN PACKET!).


New carpet in, cutting out the holes for handbrake, brackets and holes etc. The carpet comes in two pieces and the split is under the front seats. I also ordered new underlay too.


Everything back in and looking minty fresh!



Interior & Parts


A quick photo of the wiring to convert automatic to manual. I just cut off the plug on the automatic shifter to re-use, the yellow and green/black wire goes to the reverse switch, that black looped wire is for the starter signal.


Had my assistant clean up the engine bay, looking spotless 🙂


Interior all put back, Prelude seats installed and high centre console compartment. Will be ordering replacement carpet too.


Few parts arrived too. Automatic chassis to manual transmission mount, CV shafts rebuilt.


PLM headers, hopefully they'll clear the AC condenser fan!



B18C2 Swap Update



Engine came out a few days ago. Will be pulling it apart to see what was causing the overheating, we suspect water pump.


Pulled the steering column out because mine was all weird, replaced with a spare one.


The pedal box had to be swapped out with a manual version, the difference being the wide brake pedal and the larger accelerator cable fitting. Clutch pedal also went in 😀


When converting to manual, I also had to hard wire the starter and reverse switch which is normally found in the automatic shifter. For the starter wire I simply looped it around and crimped the terminal, the reverse wires are yellow and green/black. These will be hooked up to the wires found at the ECU.


And my intake pipe arrived!



B18C2 Swap


About time I modified the daily, needs more VTEC!

My EG5 Civic originally came with a D16Y1 (VTEC) attached to an automatic gearbox. And recently it's been overheating a lot, I suspect the water pump needs replacing as the thermostat and radiator are in great condition.

The engine I have going into the car is an Australian delivered B18C2 that came out of a Integra VTi-R, and the gearbox was originally from a B16A2. I believe it has shorter ratios than the B18C2 engine.

Gave the valve cover a thorough clean and than paint.




The engine also received a new water pump, sump gasket, head gasket and a whole bunch of new bits.


Next up was the wiring... The engine has a mixture of OBD2 and OBD1 parts, as well as some JDM bits but Australian OBD1 ECU. So I had to modify the harness a bit to get everything to work.

Wiring was stripped back and tagged.


Harness was than dummy fitted. I wanted to do a harness from scratch, but budget and time restraints didn't allow for it, maybe I'll do one later for fun.


For some reason, the engine had ODB2 injectors. So I made a custom injector harness and separated it from the main engine harness. The harness and ECU are wired for a VTEC Pressure Switch but the engine didn't have one, so that had to be deleted by running the pressure switch wire directly to the VTEC Solenoid wire.



Had to fix the alternator plug wiring too... Damn workshops doing dodgy wiring.


And the engine removal starts... More updates next post. I also removed the dash as I have to replace the automatic pedal box with a manual one, and some wiring things had to be done too. Dash doesn't have to be removed, but only takes 20mins and makes everything so much easier.


The B18C2 swap requires running a few extra wires to the ECU from the shock tower connectors, I just fed these through this grommet.


Since I have a few spare Honda harnesses to use, I de-pinned them to use in my car. Takes a bit more effort, but produces a better end product. O2 wire goes to pin A6, Knock goes to D3, Alternator Control to A16, and IAB to A17.


Next part of the wiring involved running the IAB wire and reverse switch. Again this could be done pretty quick but I decided to take a bit more time and make it neat. Everything can be accessed from the connector shown below, it's under the dash behind the fuse box.


The light green and yellow wire (two top wires) are for the solenoids in the automatic gearbox, but in manual cars they are the reverse switch wires. Both these wires goto the ECU at position A17 and A19, I just de-pinned these and they'll be wired to the reverse switch wires found in the centre console which was used by the automatic shifter.

The red wire (directly under the white/blue wire) was added and wired to the ECU pin A17 for the IAB.

That's all for now, more updates soon!


Big Spoilers, Red Bonnet and JDM Shiizzzzz.

Small update.

Drove to the sunshine coast to pick up a red bonnet and front bar for the Civic, gave me a fake BYS spoiler for not much money too 😛 It's pretty much an air brake though hahaha


I also picked up some JDM fog lights to install into the replacement front bar. There's some trimming of the front to get it too fit to do.



Than painted the front grill black 🙂




Sick Beats!


As some of you may know, I do a fair bit of audio installs so this was long overdue.

The Civic came with an old Pioneer head-unit, dodgy ass install done by a certain car parts retailer near the bay... They cut off the factory plug, wires were twisted and taped instead of soldered, and the speaker wiring was a mess.

I picked up all my parts and tools below from Auto One Browns Plains, go check them out!

  • Pioneer MVH-X365BT head-unit
  • Hertz DCX 165.3 2-way coaxial speakers
  • DB Drive S5-60v2 2-way coaxial speakers
  • Deutsch crimping tool
  • 12-way Deutsch connector set

Pretty bad....

Since the factory radio plug was one, I ordered myself a 12-way Deutsch connector set. #becauseracecar

Than it was the car's turn.

The headunit is a Pioneer MVH-X365BT, quite a basic unit with Bluetooth but that's all I really want. Commercial radio sucks anyway, so no point going DAB!




So it's been a couple of days now and I still haven't modified the daily yet, feeling proud 😀

I have been giving the car a quick clean up though, first up was replacing the middle brake light and the illumination lights behind the cluster and shifter.

If I have time next week, I'll be fixing up the sound system.


Alarm Removal


So the new beast had some dodgy old school alarm system... NO FUCKING THANKS!!!

Ripped that shit right out! A better and more modern alarm will be going in ASAP.



The New Daily!

So this is the new "daily"!

Will be good not being defected by the police (for now).

It's a 1994 EG5 with a D16Y, so SOHC VTEC 1.6L. It's got an automatic transmission, full electrics, AC, PS and sunroof. Paint isn't the greatest but the body and chassis are straight. It'll serve as my daily while the MX-5 goes under the knife again, swapping the bottom end, engine bay respray etc...

Once the MX-5 is back on the road I'll set up a "spray booth" at home, this will give me a chance to learn how to surface prep and respray on the Civic. If I get that down pat, the MX-5 will get a respray 🙂

And after all that, I'll be doing a K24 K-Swap into the Civic! So that's why I don't care about it currently being an automatic D16 😛

Pretty isn't she? 😀