Thermostat Comparison

Over the last couple of weeks I've had the chance to test out three different thermostats in my S15, genuine and after-market. They all have pros and cons, all of it really depending on the cooling system as well as main use of the car.

The three thermostats I have tested are:

  • Nissan 76.5°C
  • Nismo 62.5°C
  • Tridon High Flow 76.5°C

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Aerodynamics of Engine Cooling – Part 1

After installing dual thermo fans into my S15, I've been addicted to the topic of engine cooling. Although it seems like simple system, consisting of a radiator - water pump - thermostat - cooling fan, it can get quite complicated once your car starts producing a lot more power than the cooling system was designed for. This is especially true when it comes to SR20DETs, the factory cooling system doesn't allow for much headroom and temps will quickly rise once you constantly stay on boost. Not only will the cooling system be insufficient, it'll also be inefficient with a stock clutch fan.

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Thermostats x Headlights

There hasn't been going on much lately, mainly a lot of reading and researching. But will cover all that in a later post =)

I've read about the many benefits and disadvantages of upgrading the thermostats in our SR20DET engines awhile ago, overall it's an interesting topic that can be quite complicated depending on your setup. The main concern with running a lower threshold thermostat means that because it starts to open earlier, your radiator will start cooling the coolant earlier. This will lead to your engine running cooler and possibly too cold, your engine will never reach the optimal operating temperatures.

A Nismo thermostat popped up for sale, so I decided to experiment =)

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Water Pump & Thermostat

I love having so much space in the engine bay now! It makes many jobs just so much easier and also helps to spot any oil/coolant leaks. I noticed that my water pump started leaking from the weep hole, this is an indicator to show that the internal seal is on it's way out. Thought it was a perfect time to replace my thermostat too.

I normally prefer to go genuine parts whenever I can. So when it came to replacing my water pump and thermostat, I got in contact with TAARK for cheap genuine parts.

mmmmmm genuine Nissan water pump....

76.5 degrees Nissan thermostat, decided not to go with the Nismo 62 degrees one.

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