Blits Bonnet Test Fitment

Long time since an update, but here are some photos of the Blits vented bonnet being test fitted.

Was a bit worried at first about how easy it'll fit, fortunately it was easy as and everything sat real nice.


Blits Vented Bonnet

About a month ago, I decided I'd like to experiment with the effects of a vented bonnet. After many hours of researching I decided to go with a Blits vented bonnet. I wanted something strong and street legal, this meant it had to be fibre glass instead of carbon fibre, rigidity was important so that bonnet pins weren't required.

Some theory of vented bonnets here:

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Sneak Peak

Just picked up my custom made Blits vented bonnet today. Build quality is very good, and it's Transport Department approved for road use.

Will test fit and get it painted when I get back from Sydney.


Aerodynamics of Engine Cooling – Part 2

Updates 13/07/2011 - further testing/observations
Updates 14/07/2011 - bad news

You will have probably seen the under-bodies of many supercars, and noticed that some of them are very flat. Wind tunnel data has shown that the under-body makes up to 30% of the vehicle's total drag, which is why engineers try to reduce the drag as much as possible so that air flow is fast moving and therefore low pressure. This low pressure acts a sucking force and increases overall downforce, even more so when a rear diffuser and front splitters are used. In fact, many race series ban the use of flat under-bodies because it is so effective at increasing downforce and not introducing much drag.

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Aerodynamics of Engine Cooling – Part 1

After installing dual thermo fans into my S15, I've been addicted to the topic of engine cooling. Although it seems like simple system, consisting of a radiator - water pump - thermostat - cooling fan, it can get quite complicated once your car starts producing a lot more power than the cooling system was designed for. This is especially true when it comes to SR20DETs, the factory cooling system doesn't allow for much headroom and temps will quickly rise once you constantly stay on boost. Not only will the cooling system be insufficient, it'll also be inefficient with a stock clutch fan.

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