Tilton Pedal Box


So I purchased a Tilton pedal box and started installing it, this is the story so far...

Very impressed with the build quality, I just hate all the imperial sized hardware! The idea is that the pedal box relocates all the master cylinders under my feet and no brake booster. I have a lot more room for my intake now. Added benefit is also the improved braking feel, pedal effort will be increased too.

Initial plan was to mount the pedal box without any floor modifications, but after a bit of planning I realised there wasn't a whole lot of work involved so I CAD'd everything up for laser cutting. This little bit of extra work now places the pedal box further forward and improves the driving position a lot.

After removing the inner skin, there was a huge cavity that allows for a boxed up section to be made for the pedal box. Super handy! After it was welded in, I wire-brushed everything before putting a layer of primer and paint. Very happy with the outcome, and I also took the opportunity to clean up the under dash wiring

Quickly installed the dash and steering column to test the driving position!

I drew up some mounting plates for the brake/clutch fluid reservoir, this is welded into the dash bar. Allows quick removal to top up, braided lines to the master cylinders.

Also gave all the brake fittings a clean using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Started making up some of the lines from master cylinder output to the bulk-head connectors. You can also see the pressure switch used for activating the brake lights.

This heel plate protects all the parts and braided line, modelled in Fusion 360 and then laser cut.

New clutch line.

All my internal lines are stainless braided PTFE hose, and all external connections are made using hard-line. Picked up some quality flaring tools for 45deg double flare and 37deg AN flare as well as this awesome tube straightener.

My awesome SQIIRLMODS luggage rack, will be handing when I get a chance to do some more road trips down to Sydney.

I'm also in love with this IRP Germany short shifter!

That's all for now, and I don't think I'll be posting any further updates for awhile. A lot going on with work right now, so any spare time is scarce these days ­čÖü


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