Valve Clearance


Long time no post!

This has been a long over-due service item, valve clearances. Because it's a brand new head build, the clearances have to be checked roughly at the 5000km mark.

This forum thread below was very helpful.

But I was too lazy to pull everything apart to remove the camshafts, so I ordered the Mazda special service tool for this 😀 It basically let's you remove the shims with camshafts still in.

Mazda part number is 49T0-12-0A0A.

Using my feeler gauge to measure all the clearances first, best to record everything as well. A couple of simple calculations are done to find what shims are required to get the clearances within spec.

Tool bolted in and setup.

Bucket pushed down, shim out so it could be checked and measured. This one is 4.00mm.

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  1. Hi dude! Exccelent writeup, but, what is the interval for correct clearance after all? I m not sure if the excel file is in milimeters or not? Help is greatly appreciated, i have a 1.6 99 as well.. and i m confused 😀

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