Vented Windows

It gets damn hot inside an MX-5, daammmnnnnn hot! So I picked up some vented front quarter windows. I wanted the KG Works "winged" windows but they're about $1200.... the ones I got are the next best thing =P

Installation was a breeze and they get a lot of air into the car, works much better than I thought. They're made from Lexan and the vents are designed for light plane air ventilation systems.

Install photos after the break =)

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So first thing was to remove the door card, this will reveal a few bolts that hold the the window frame. Slide the seal out to reveal two screws to completely unbolt the frame.

The window then slides out pretty easily, rubber seal comes off too. I then cleaned it up with some warm water and soap, heaps of gunky build up.

Slide the cleaned up seal onto my vented window, so pretty!

With the help of some rubber lubricant, the vented window slides in very easily.

Then repeat on the driver side, and my JDMST Supporter sticker.

Some nice close up photo.


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  1. AWESOME! I want to do this aswell:D I am nervous that its a easy way for someone to do something stupid to my car though since I feel like you could easily open it up from outside.

  2. Thanks mate!

    You are correct though, it can be opened from the outside. Just have to be careful where I leave my car and always keep an eye on it. Not much different to how I normally treat my car haha.

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